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Book Cover Design, Fine Art and Illustration, Typography, Logo Design, Package Design

When you work with Russo Art & Design you may retain the complete rights to your contracted art work. You can use it in anyway you like without royalty fees. All promotion and sales are yours. There are no hidden fees or art rights usage. All completed projects will be archived for 4 years. If you suddenly lose your files, donít worry, we have them available for you.

All book covers are not created equal. The first moments in viewing a book cover are critical in capturing the imagination of a potential reader and creating an incentive to purchase. Russo Art & Design offers you everything you need to complete your project. We provide our clients with advice and direction in all aspects of cover concept, design execution, and final mechanical. We are highly experienced in photography, illustration, and typography and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality professional work. We design all aspects of a book's cover including the face, spine, back cover and flaps (if a hard cover). If you donít have a printer for your book, we will find a printer who can assist in determining the best and most economical means to produce your book. If you need special effects, and or foiling, we can also assist you.

Diablo : The Texans - A story about a half-breed Cowboy who is a strong central character in this new Western Series for Kensington Publishers. The art was created to give a hard-hitting, strong visual image to this new character. This series was designed to increase the sales of their already successful Historical Romance Line.

There is a fine line between fine art and illustration.
I try to make all my digital Illustrations as painterly as possible with out losing its illustrative impact. In my fine art portraits, I embody my knowledge as an illustrator to create very strong and impactful images. Seeing is the best way to understand this concept. By looking at the studioís portfolio, it is clear how subtle the differences are between the two of them. I use color as strongly as I use texture and a strong layout to achieve this effect. The fine art piece, Lady In White Over Water Lilies, has a similar feeling to the illustration Darling Jasmin. I believe fine art and illustration should be one. The Guggenheim Museum in New York City, recently had an exhibit of Norman Rockwell the illustrator. This exhibit underscores my point about this concept.

Homestead Organic Produce - Original Oil on Canvas
Commissioned art for a local farm co-operative that specializes in organic farm products.

For those who are familiar with the fundamentals of typography, suffice to say that type design communicates to an audience on many levels. Type imparts mood, emotion, and attitude. At Russo Art & Design we embrace typography design with fundamental aspirations of imparting the communication of these complex emotional statements. Russo Art & Design brings a wealth of knowledge and sophistication to the impact of type design to provide you with an unparalleled communication statement.

Claire Delacroix The Beauty Bride - Designed specifically for author Claire Delacroix's novel, The Beauty Bride typography captures the elegance of the story's main character.

Few things speak more about your company than your logo. And let's face it, in this world of visual communication a great logo can set you apart and make the difference particularly if you are a start-up. Russo Art & Design offers logo design, business card layout, and stationery design as a complete identity-making package. We provide our clients with advice and direction in all aspects of logo concept and design. We can develop custom type design to give your company distinctive character.

US East Logo - Custom-designed logo for an information technology consulting and executive search firm, US East, located in New York City. Proportionate aspect ratio with clean lines and tag line incorporated for base-line foundation.

True & Dorin Logo - Custom-designed logo for the medical offices of True & Dorin. Strong vertical lines and coloration to suggest the impressive eloquence and sophistication of this distinguished cosmetic surgical team.

Russo Art & Design can provide your product with the distinction it may need to gain both notoriety and sales. Product packaging is a key element of success for market penetration. If you have a new product and are attempting to establish a market, or have an existing product with packaging that's not getting you the market share that you deserve, then contact us to discuss your needs and expectations.

Old Tower Winery - Commissioned art for a local winery that desired a distinctive label to capture the essence of their fine and flavorful product line.

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